Here Is My Title

Anyone have a snapshot of what my blog used to look like? lol. It'd make some of my life easier!

Okay. I have been here for some time, and havent done so much. Some of you might have seen my (old) blog at, and know about all that. Basically, I kinda lost my old blog, and am just getting around to getting the new one working/rolling. I should be starting to update the journal, but am looking to write my own blog software, and move it all to the front here, as kind of my gateway to, well, me. Also in the mental works is a better photo album, that my chums can post to as well. =-) We'll see.

So, that all said, feel free to pop in now and then, and see how its going. You can email me at journal [at] if you want to get updates on the whole mess.

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