Police In My Backyard

The neighborhood we live in is considered to be up and coming. Folks joke that it is more coming than up. Jokes aside, the easiest way to explain our neighborhood is as one just beginning gentrification. You have a some scared looking yuppie types meandering about trying not to look out of place, but its predominantly low-middle income folks. Gentrification is a topic we will no doubt come back to, but I am going to address a recent addition to our neighborhood: more cops.

Yeap. Cops. I guess, though I have been too lazy to look it up, we have a fair amount of crime and gasp loitering in our area. From what I understand, enough calls have been made to the police to make us a target area. When this was explained to me, I was ok with it. Really, I was! I understood it to mean a 40 day increased patrol in our neighborhood

It turns out its a little more than upping the patrols. At the end of the block, just across the street, is a parked police van. Did I say van? Excuse me… I meant MOVING VAN! The thing is huge. Just parked there. Is it a mobile lab? Is it for the riot squad? Is it there to create an oppressive enviroment that makes even the good neighbors nervous? Three guesses what I think. That and some random squad on the other side of the street. Even money if someone is in it, but lights going most of the time.

So, yeah. Big old police van keeping me safe from guys who haven't had hope in so long their only answer is alcohol, and litter. Yeap – safe from litter. I am sure am glad I walk past that thing every day. Reminds me how safe I am, and how good I have got it. Upped patrols I can understand, but the van deal is crazy. It showed up at the start of school so I thought the two might be related. I wish I could put it into words better. Makes me believe my comrades on the far left that we are on the verge of police state. Ick.

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