Hidden Message

Sometimes in the morning, I like to get my coffee from a local shop rather than the office brew (which is tasty.) It gives me a chance to support a local business, and feel like I am treating myself.

Lately, there has been a new advertising gimmick being doled out with the Joe. You know those cardboard barrier sleeve kind of things to keep from burning your hand on the cup of pipin' hot? Well, they have taken to picturing some product, and sticking on a small sample. One such product is some gum to, it seems, work on counteracting the stain brought on by the very beverage that lead me to the gum.

Increasingly intrusive marketing and adverts are annoying. I am continually surprised to see what has not been colonized by corporate images when something like this happens. The fun of this one, however, is on the packaging. It seems the 70s did their job, with anti-litter campaigns. (Weeping Native American caricature anyone?) If you are lucky enough to spot it, there is a friendly reminder to "dispose of properly".

Witness, the wrapper:


The arrow points to the message icon – the dark spot. The wrapper itself is about 1.5" x 2.5". The icon, is maybe 1/4" tall.

The icon imploring us not to litter:

Dispose of Properly

So, there ya have it. Thanks Manufacturer, for be such a fine, upstanding "Citizen".

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