Back in the Saddle

5.5 miles or so in 35ish minutes.

I plan to cut myself later for the hair rock title reference.

I got on the bike today – first time this year. I didn’t ride much last year to my shame. The stress of my job, moving a couple times and general despair kept me away. As a result, I’ve become a lazy, out of shape bastard. But, “Oh,” you say. “Don’t be so hard on yourself, ” you say.

I’d like to take such warm advice and wishes from you, but its largely true. I rode 5.5 miles today, and it took some work. Though, as usual, it feels more a problem of getting my lungs caught up with my muscles. I went from our apartment to a Franklin Park, and around it. Franklin park is the largest in the Boston area. Its kind of shabby, and I really don’t think the fucking golf course should count towards the acreage. Its also pretty shabby and beat up. Any paths are in sore, sore shape. I went from street, to path and such trying to find my way around it. Not a bad ride in all, but the first time on a new route can be tougher. I did appreciate being able to legitimately stop when I was figuring it out.

Despite the burning lungs, it was a lot of fun, and there was almost no one on my route. I always forget how much I like it until I do it. And, better to do a simple fitness test as such, and know where I am rather than talk about my glory days as I get deeper into the non-fitness downward spiral. A chum and I talked about doing a century this year, but I am not hopeful. We’ll see once I get in shape, but there are also some logistical concerns. I lost a chunk of time off with the move, and have a couple obligation vacations this year.

The general goal right now is to see if I can get myself riding to and from work. Quite a different challenge than DC, as it appears to be a bit less than double the distance. If I can do it, it’ll mean 18-20 miles a day. That’d be damn sweet, and I’d be looking damn good by the end of the summer. And probably feeling good, which I typically do after just about any post-ride shower.

As a side note, I can hardly wait to get the the freaking doctor who rescheduled my appointment later so I can get to another doctor so I can get allergy shots. I have cause to worry, though I can’t show you, as it seems I’ve disabled the image-adding-gui in my blog. So, I’ll tell you. Pollen counts are rated on a scale of 0-12, with 9.7+ being the OMG range. Depending on the pollen, I can start having issues at half that. Often, if its in that OMG range for a few days, medications will only take the edge off. So Sun | Mon | Tue | Wed 9.9 | 9.3 | 10.9 | 11.6

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