A quick look around.

Things are pretty similar to in the States. I would not have known I was in another country except for the odd little cars, and even odder road signs. Some other novel differences have become evident. Bathrooms The toilets have a lot less water in them, and are mostly the “old style” that has a high tank on the wall and a cord. Though many have a handle that you depress to flush. Not a metal on on the outside, but built in to the lid, like a large button. I dig them. You can immediately stop flushing when you want, which is just novel, and the force of water is amazing when you flush them.

The toilet paper and paper towel dispensers have this little metal shield that hangs down over the paper. I don’t quite get it, but it looks neat.

You really, really have to watch the doors though. Often they have pictures of an article of clothing to denote gender. Shoes, or hats for instance. At the office, I go to the room with a man’s dress shoe on the door. At a restaurant, is was a hat of some sort.

Doors in General Almost all the doors don’t shut themselves. Houses, bathrooms, offices. You don’t really think about this one until yo experience it. The first few days, I was always scurrying back to shut a door.

The handles aren’t knobs, but more of a bar. This is the case for handles on windows and everything. A quarter turn will open windows, doors a little less so.

The locks are done by keys both in and out. When you get home, you leave them in the door on your side, in case you need to get out fast.

Smoking There aren’t so many places where people don’t smoke. This has been the toughest on me so far. Anywhere you go, you get it. Thankfully, the building I work in has smoking rooms, but yikes, a lot of people smoke. I was at the field office in Livno and was in a room with 4 people smoking as they went over some current events.

I have woken up with a head ache most every other day. So far its the only thing I really don’t like.

Shoes Its seems shoes make a man. If you don’t take care of them and clean them, you obviously don’t care so much about how you look. Even athletic shoes. Now, this is quite and adjustment! I am trying to get in the practice of wiping mine down when I get to the office.

Mobiles Cell phones are called Mobiles, and people text message like mad. I guess its cheaper than calling often. Most staff members have them, since they are in the field and such a lot. Still crazy to see. Most are practiced enough they dont even look at what they are doing.

Staff A side note: A good chunk of staff I have encountered are from BiH. Yay!

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