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p align=”center”><<<< IT IS HERE FOR HISTORY ONLY. >>>> This is About this blog. Here you will be able to get an idea of how this site works. Feel free to explore the the site. Let me know if something isn’t quite right.

The top section is my Banner. It contains the name of my journal, “Prattlin’ On”. Below that, you see the theme of the stuff I am currently posting.To the right, you see some links for Home, Contact Info, etc. These will allow you to look at permanent stuff on this site. Any links that take you to another website are under Links along the right side.

In the bulk of the page, you can see entries. They have a date, title, and whatever I wrote. In the grey bar below them you see my name, a link to view it with comments, and a link to post a new comments.Comments: There are 2 sorts. First, you can comment directly to my entry. Second, you can comment on a comment. To see this in action, go to Test Entry. There, you can play around to test stuff out, and see how it looks with multiple comments. —I am emailed everytime someone comments! Please, except for the test entry, try and keep them reasonable. I don’t want to have to delete anything, or ban someone. If you have a rather lengthly comment, or a lot of questions, email me.

Along the right is the Sidebar. This is the bulk of the links for the site.

  • Calendar: This is the current month. Any days with entries will be colored in white. Click the day to go to that entry.
  • Links: These links go to sites outside of my journal. They are, I hope, some interesting information having to do with my current adventure. Let me know if any are awful or if there is something you’d like to see.
  • Archives: Here you can easily browse all my entries. All is by date. I assign entries a category as I make them, so if you just want to look at photos, for instance, you can. ***A note***When you look at an entry, you will see sets of links at the top. One lets you look at the next and previous by date, the other lets you do it by category.
  • Recent Entries: This list the last 10 entries I have done. Click them to read.
  • Search: Just like Google. Sorta. Searches my site for words you enter.
  • Mailing List: Here you can sign up to be emailed when I write a new entry! OR stop being emailed… Email me if you have troubles getting off or on the list.
  • Admin Login: This is where I log in to work the magic.

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