My kingdom for an adapter?

I need an adapter. Hence, “The Long Walk.” Only one. For me, to think I have only one thing I plug in, it’s kind of remarkable. I am told they are cheap. I have heard from 50 fenning to 2KM quoted.

I was loaned one that I found didn’t work. The plug for the Laptop is 3 prong, and this could only accomidate 2. By the looks of it though, I could plug a 2 prong in, anywhere in the world.

The person got in contact with that, meaning at the end that Marge of SFOR brought me one. Alas, it is just 2 prong as well.

Before anyone goes all psycho, and I get like 9 in the mail, Marge said that one could be secured Sunday most likely. Some sort of traveling PX that will have an “American” section. They’d have them for sure.

We’ll see!

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