As far as I could tell, not much exciting happens in BiH for Easter. I spent mine in Sarajevo, sequestered to the flat because of inclement weather (rain!). I am sure all sorts of folks were doing all sorts of nifty things, though. Heh.

The cool thing came when I got back to Banja Luka. It is all in the way eggs are coloured and dealt with. It is pretty cool, so I suggest you play along at home, and tell me how it turned out. It doesn’t need be Easter to colour eggs!

First, save up the skins from red onions – the papery outsides. Save a bunch. The more you have, the darker the colour. When you have enough (perhaps from 1 kilo of onions) place them in water in your egg boilin’ pan. Let them soak nicely for a bit, then kick it to a boil. When the water boils, add your eggs, and hard boil as you normally would.

Tada! Eggs an awesome reddish colour!

For an added twist, before you boil: Get some cool leaves from weeds, trees, or that house hold plant you don’t like anymore. One of the eggs before me even used grass going to seed. Next, cut up some (old) nylons into nice squares. Place the leaf flat on the egg, and place that on the nylon square, so the table pins it. Face down, so to speak. Fold the egg in tightly stretched nylon, and tie it in place with string. You should now have a “bank robber” egg with a leaf smooshed tightly against it. Boil as per above. You will want to remove the nylon and leaf ASAP to avoid sticking.

I will NOT be held responsible if you use something unhealthy like hemlock or nightshade as your leaf and poison yourself!

Ok, now the fun part of eating the eggs. There is also a game of sorts that gets played with them, though I am a little sketchy on some of the rules. If you try this with someone from BiH, and they take your cracked egg and eat it, don’t whine to me. One person holds an egg in their hand, so the all but one end of the egg is covered. The egg is in your fist. Please don’t squeeze harder than you need to hold it. The challenger lightly holds their egg and taps your egg, end to end. A broken shell means you lose. Sorry.

I hope you all had a good Christian Myth Day or Now You See Him, Now You Don’t Saviour Day, depending on your beliefs, political affiliations, or parents.

PS. I lost my egg.

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