First Ride to the Sea side.

This is one of those entries that should and could probably be much longer than it will be. Kind of fades before the telling, if you will.

After my visit with the Head of Mission, we left promptly for the sea. It got darker as we drove, being late afternoon when we left. It seems I have a knack for entering new places under the cover of night. The trip itself was pretty uneventful, but I did get an appreciative honk as I peed by the road side. It is a pretty well traveled road, and thanks to threats of landmines, you exactly go wander off by a bush. Well you could, by I will chance the apreciative (I hope!) honks.

The road itself comes to wind along a river I believe is called Neretva (I will hear shortly if not.) The river has several remarkable things. It has a manmade lake of remarkable size. It has the hydro-power plant I am told supplies most of the country with it’s power. It is also my understanding that power is an export here, though the damming of rivers is such now that it threatens the natural habitats. I don’t know how related it is, but many of the trees on the bank have caught trash. Bags and plastic drape like cobwebs for kilometer after kilometer of bank. There have been actions aimed at other rivers to clean them, so this one will be to, I imagine.

Perhaps the most remarkable attribute is the color. The entire river is an opaque, milky green. It almost looks like a flowing gem. I won’t forget my camera again! Truly, it is incredible to see. I would have never thought a river could be both green and healthy at the same time. Best guess in the car is algae. Extra points to the first to tell me.

There was also a couple landscape changes. I was startled by a sudden flatness. I hadn’t realized how accustomed to the hills and mountains I had become until we entered a large, flat valley. The mountains still ringed us, and it it didnt have the same valley feel of Vegas. There you can feel the flow to the point. Here, it was like the mountains sprang up to shroud a piece of flatness. I am told the summer gets brutal there.

We also passed some amazing cliffs, and walls. They were covered with a few trees and some scrabble, looking both hard and wonderful at the same time. They were as fascinating to me as they were harsh and there was some general disagreement in the car on their beauty. Some prefer mountains with more green, lol.

It was dark when we arrived at the sea and took the ferry over.

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