Looking to the Future

I am right past my half way mark for my stint in BiH. Hard to believe, eh? As of this writing, I have about 2 solid months left. In light of that, I have started a job search for myself.

Right now, I am focusing on jobs with OSCE missions. I am hoping that interning for them, and being in the region will make me more attractive. So far I have put in for Voter Services and Border Monitor in Kosovo and Georgia, respectively. I didn’t get put forward on either. Put forward? See the entry after this one titled “Secondment.” You can get an idea of what OSCE is offering at http://www.osce.org/employment

If I get a position here, I will most likely be leaving the internship early, and rolling right into it. The positions all last 6 months, so I would be in the area until November. Thankfully, Dana is VERY understanding. Did I say very?

In a week or 2, I will also try and start lining something up in Chicago for the last half of the summer. Dana and I are heading to DC the end of the summer, so I only need something short. I will try and get some work with the database STAIRS I was all punk-rock at before I left for BiH. If something really cool for DC pops up, I will try for it, of course.

I will say I am getting much better at cover letters.

So, yeah. You hear of anything pass it along. :-D I want to get a job in the region for a couple reasons. Despite the occasional feelings of isolation, I do like it here. I think the only thing I really miss from the States aside from the people is filtered coffee galore, fast internet, and clothes dryers. Nothing so hard. Anything else is all the being someplace new and not knowing the language.

I particularly like the feel of things, and the way people presents themselves. A job in the region, but not BiH would give me even more experiences to contrast. It’d be pretty damned cool to compare the coffee of Kosovo to BiH, and so on.

Aside from the high and flighty ideas, a job in here would be a further step in the right direction for me. It would be great for future jobs, and future college to have experience as both and intern and employee overseas. It looks, too, like I could more easily get a job here that is a logical step forward, than in the states. The way the OSCE missions are structured, I can almost try for jobs according to what skill sets I would like to get.

Looking far into the future, the professional contacts I could develop by working in this sort of field in this area could only be positive. Like most job arenas, the network is surprisingly small and tight. If I could make a name as an employee before I head to DC, there would be many more options readily available because my name would be more “out there” in a solid way.

It is pretty scary at the same time it is exciting. I have only been here a bit past 2 months, and am seriously willing to undertake another 6 months. The next place I stand to be more isolated because I literally won’t know anyone in the region, where here I had a couple old friends. Also, it is scary to put that much faith is my relationship with Dana that we will still be happy to live with each other, despite the longer parting. Of course, there is all the normal sweating and toil that always goes into job hunting anyway.

A couple years ago, I realized I wasn’t pushing forward anymore. It took some time to get myself in motion again. I don’t feel I am at the speed I want to be yet, but a job in eastern Europe would certainly help me gain some lost ground. :-D

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