My Arrival

Well. I am made it ok. No issues really. I have an entry or 2 saved on the PC, but those will have to wait. I need to get an adapter. I understand they are very cheap, and my friend didn’t have an extra one as he supposed.

I was pretty tired by the time I got to Sarajevo. I wasnt able to sleep on the planes, really, and was kind of disoriented anyway.

When I arrived in Zagreb, we got to walk down a rolling set of stairs to the runway. A bus took us the 100 feet or so to the terminal building. When inside, I waited in line until the customs person and I got to mumble at each other.

When you get your bags, you have to have them scanned on the way out, and then you go through the doors to meet your pickup person. We proceeded to Banja Luka, changed vehicles, and went straight to Sarajevo.

In Sarajevo, I met Jelena’s aunt and checked out the place. Its been a few days, so its really quite a blur. I didn’t write much because I was very tired, and disoriented, and was whisked from one event or place to another. That first night we just hung out and talked. I got to bed about midnight and slept like a rock.

The next day, Sunday, we went to this mountain/park area my friends like to go. It was very nice. The snow was pretty fresh so we didn’t go to far. Very peaceful though, and very pretty. After that, we went to Jelena’s parent’s for dinner.

There I was stuffed with some great food. The have a kind of stuffed cabbage that is out of this world. My apologies to the Poles, but it was by far the best I have ever had.

Monday was a holiday, so Scott and I wandered the city a bit. the architecture is amazing! Truly. I went past all sorts of things I really cannot recall. Makes the old building in the US seem modern, to be sure. I got shown embassies, and even stood in the spot where Arch Duke Ferdinand was shot! (Started a World War, you may recall.)

I got to see a number of shops, though many were closed do to the Holiday. I got to eat some great food again. =-) More talk. =-)

Tuesday morning I got processed. It was a matter of filling out some forms and habing over some KM for my health insurance. Thanks to the dollar going down (Thank you, Mr President.) The exchange went from nearly 1:2 to $1:.54KM. Still no real worries.

That night, I was taken to dinner with my boss, and the director of the entire department. Rough life eh? I got to meet some people who work in the Sarajevo office, and have some good food again. I can’t tell you much of the conversation. It was pretty general, and so many names and places flying around I can’t tell the difference.

We left Early Wednesday morning for the office (4am) and drove through the worst fog I have ever seen for nearly 70km. I mean, thick. I was like, “Wow. This stuff is the thickest I have seen.” Then it doubles. Imagine getting out of the shower with a steamy room. Visibility was maybe 3 meters. Maybe.

So, that brings you up to me getting to Banja Luka. Its been very tiring, to be sure. Sorry if it doesnt have tons of details, but a lot has slipped through with me being tired and lost. =-)

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