No really, I wanna learn…

I am hoping to take language lessons while I am here. I am looking to get just the basics so I can get a little more comfortable independence, and generally interact more.

After settling in, I started asking around a bit. With the help of the office, I found a place in town that offers classes. I would forget about going to see them, or just be feeling listless, or actually not have the time. When I finally got in, I was a little crushed that the price was more than was quoted on the phone, and it would not be a class.

The idea of private lessons makes me nervous. It makes me pretty anxious because of past experiences trying to learn languages, and because I tend to be a pretty tense guy. I found out that an employee in OSCE had the same tutor who was recommended to me, so I hankered down and made the call. She initially called me, but I wound up in Sarajevo an extra day, so missed it. In the mean time, I worked through all the anxiety stuff.

Once I made the call, it wound up being a fair amount of calling. The mobile phones here don’t come with voice mail, so it took a couple weeks for us to finally get each other. Earlier in the week, I met Sandriela and worked out what sort of lessons I would get.

We were supposed to meet from 11a to 1p today. I even wrote it down. She saw me write it down. So, as you can imagine, it is well beyond me why I was so confident we were meeting 1p-3p, that I didn’t check my notes. I feel like an ass and am horribly embarrassed.

We try again Friday! 11a-1p.


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