Off to see the HoM

HoM is one of the many tody abbreviations floating about OSCE. It means Head of Mission. I recieved an email one day from his assistant, detailing that there was to be a meeting. I remarked how spiffy to my supervisor, not looking at who it was sent to. Virtually everything I get is because he asked people to put me on their distribution lists. After a few concerned looks (I had a monumentally daft day earlier in the week. Talk about in a zone.), and a couple re-reads, I saw that it was that the HoM wanted to meet the interns! I think I must have been the first to reply. Sadly, it was rescheduled to later in the day. The original deal with 15 minutes with Ambassador Beecroft, alone. It became 15 all together, at once.

I am all excited. That morning in Sarajevo, I got a haircut for which I was charged “international” prices. It was worth the 2KM more! Its always nice when they trim around the ears and neck with a real straight razor!

When I first showed up for the meeting, I was 20 minutes early. Early enough to make the security guys interact with me. You have to feel special when guys with earpieces are being cordial, and calling HoM’s assistant to see if you are legitimate. She came down and got me, and I sat in her very nice office until it started. I even got to shake John Ging’s hand. He is the final word on hiring and such…

So, we went down to the meeting. I was the only intern not stationed in Sarajevo. It was nice, but nothing more than I imagined. We got the HoM’s background, asked where we are from, told our future plans, and all that. He wanted to stress our importance. Its corny, but he is such a easy going fellow, I believe him…

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