Packing and Moving to Boston

Dana and I were packed up and ready to go by August 8. Mostly, because Dana is awesome and did most of the packing. I was generally sketched about jobs and what not, and wasn’t much use.

Our plan was to pack on the 8th, drive up on the 9th, and unpack on the 10th. We got a 17 foot U-haul with a car trailer – making us very semi-ish. Friday night, we pretty much slept on the floor. It wasn’t so bad – the internet was one of the last things to be disconnected!

Much to our happiness, a number of people were set to help us load about 10 in the morning on Saturday. We got up, got straight, and got the truck, by 9ish. Egress was blocked in the living by boxes, so I started a pre-move and started hauling boxes out the curb.

For most of the pre-move, things went ace. I had boxes all along the walk, and even a few in the yard. Turns out, I am definitely not as fit or strong as I once was… I lifted one large box I should have put down. A few boxes later, the spasm and pain hit, just as folks were showing up.

Apart from the pre-move, I was 99% useless. I could hardly move, and frankly it was quite embarrassing. Our helping chums were awesome about it, and made sure I didn’t try to help. I think I was walking with a side angle of about 20 degrees and generally breathing through clenched teeth.

Dana kept them loading not that they needed the inspiration. Like the move to Takoma Park, I’ve never had so much help! Dana and I are still quite grateful about it. 3 hours or so, they had the truck completely loaded and locked down. Plants, temporary bedding and computer crap went into the car.

Sunday, the 9th

My back was definitely a problem, painkillers aside. I have had numerous back issues throughout my life, typically from my own stupidity. This one was a doozy. Getting up from the mattress on the floor took a great deal of time. I was trying to pretend its not that bad, and Dana was considering if we need to postpone to get to a doctors.

We (or rather Dana) finally got the last bit loaded, and we picked up the car trailer and got it loaded and set out. You will have to ask Dana about the trip up. I spent most of my time sleeping, thanks to the pain killers. I think I also tried because the truck made me nervous. See – I have been doing public transportation and biking enough that car travel sometimes tweaks me.

Even though we had a good and easy pace, I think we got started a bit later than we intended, and the trip crawled on. The new place is on a dead end street, where just a truck alone would be challenging to turn around – nigh impossible for us mortals with the car in tow. We’d hoped to get to a U-haul to drop off the car, but they close much earlier on Sunday’s.

By the time we were getting to Framingham (west o’ town), it was evident going to the apartment was a bad idea. We opted to spring for a hotel room, and found a place just off the highway, that had parking set up to make it super easy for Dana to park the pseudo-semi. (Hooray, iPhone!)

Monday, the 10th

When we got up, Dana took full advantage of the Dunkin’ Donuts next door, for us. Anyone else notice their once great coffee now tastes like ass? Ewww.

We got the trailer dropped off, and headed to the new apartment. One of the landlord’s workers was kind enough to let us in. We were also lucky in scoring great truck parking. I went down with the car, as Dana waited, to minimize acrobatics in driving. By the time I got back to tell her we were out of luck for the moment, and we got to the apartment, it opened up. Yay!

Dana’s family were the helpers on this end. They came down from Vermont and New Hampshire and got us in. The place is a bit smaller than we thought from our whirl-wind check out and grab. It’d later become apparent the difference was mostly because we no longer had a dining room. Great space though, with the move in, we were setting ourselves up for a mammoth, 3-d 8-puzzle.

But, things were moved in, pizza was eaten, people were seen off, and Dana’s parents would be there soon to help us for a day or 2 installing things, and doing some of the shifting around.

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