A quick blurb about the police here.

First, from what I understand, they have not been very respected historically. This is in extreme constrast to the States, especially Chicago, where a lack of respect can end brutally. It’s one of those things you ‘just know’ growing up. You don’t fuck with a cop. Though, from talks with Dana, the experience with police in Chicagoland is not necessarily indicative of the Nation. It is my sound belief that the structure surrounding the instution of policing has the possibilities of abuse built into them. But, I digress.

I was told that here, becoming a police officer is a step down. It simply is not respected. It is along the lines of, “What? You weren’t smart enough to get a real job?” Much like McDonald’s before we became a service economy.

There are a good number of them about, and they do look pretty sharp, I will admit.

The kicker is how you get pulled over. I still have not made total sense of this one, so you will just have to read my words, and accept that it is the way it happens here.

It is pretty well know where they park their (tiny) cars. Usually you have 2 of them, so the works go quicker I suppose. The officer stands on the side of the road. He (all he so far that I have seen, which is something, since I am told there is a ratio of 7:1 F:M)… He has a little stop sign. Its maybe eight inches across, and its on a stick. At night, it even lights up! He will stretch out, and wave it at a car going by. The car pulls over, and they do whatever it is they do! I have seen it happen where the officer simply points to a car, and to the side of the road.

I am currently shy on what the criterion for getting pulled over are. I know things like lights out will do it. (Lucio works hard to avoid the police.) It also seems that it is just a random vehicle check. A remnant of the previous regime, and the inability to move as freely.

It is quite something to see, whatever the mechanics!

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