OK. So you are an American and would like to work with OSCE. Your options are contracts and secondment. As far as I know, you don’t need to be “put forward” to gain a contract.

The mission is staffed by people from OSCE’s member nations. The US has a quota it likes to fill, which I think is around 15%. The idea is that each nation will be able to get people in, so that you don’t wind up with a staff that is overbalanced in clear favor of one nation. One of the reasons for the delegations doing it is the way wages work.

You get a per diem (living expense) paid by OSCE. That is the same for everyone in an area, and depends on cost of living, danger, and so forth. Your wage is paid by your country of origin. So, Americans get paid American wages, the Swiss get paid Swiss wages and so forth. They all have their own budgets and such. Poor countries might have people working who only get per diem, for example. Or the wages of people in 2 identical positions might have a very different gross, because they are from different places.

For Americans, you have to first apply for a position through the delegation at OSCE headquarters in Vienna. If they like you, they put you forward for the position. Every put forward then goes through a “normal” job selection process. The heads where the position is sort through CVs, make a short list and due interview.

The first step to get it all going is to go to the PAE React website, and get registered. If you check the site for jobs, you will see the OSCE jobs that the US is specifically interested in filling. You can also check the OSCE Employment page, and see if there is something that trips your fancy. If so, you can ask the US delegation to consider you, even though they don’t have an explicit interest.

OK. So, now you have registered, and put a job code in the right box on your online application. After the deadline, the good folks at PAE-React sort through what is what and decide if you are a top applicant. If you rank tops, they will tell the place offering the job that you are an OK person, and you ought to be considered.

Your application then has gone from PAE to the jobsite. As I have said, they peruse the applications, and make a short list. If you get short listed you get an interview. If you are number, someone contacts you to offer the position. If you accept, off you go!

To simplify: Imagine you are a want a job in the grocery industry. You cannot apply directly to the job of, say, butcher, that you want. You have to first apply to your local employment office. If the guild decides they would like someone in Ray’s, they give Ray your application and ask them to consider you. If Ray’s digs you, they call you for an interview.

Any questions?!

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