Much of my preparation has been shopping. Plane tickets, proper clothes, shoes, allergy medications, etc. I had a big old list that I was slowly ticking things off of. It feels a little sick that a chunk of my budget for the trip has gone into buying things to take with.

On the upside, most of it is durable goods that I will have for some time. Long sleeve, nice shirts so I don’t embarrass myself in the office. I had some good ones, but I tend to be opposed to long sleeves. Too much a pain to find them that fit. I usually need an 18 1/2 inch neck, and 36/37 sleeves. Even when I find a 2X, they tend to have shorter sleeves. My arms aren’t even that long… Its all in the shoulder. And some, oi!, they assume that if you have an 18 1/2 neck, your waist is double the size of your chest. While I am not skinny mini, I am certainly not THAT out of shape.

The event that has inspired this entry is actually “The Final Shopping Trip,” to Target. I was surprised and happy to find a pair of black chinos that fit the way I like. They assume your gut is Monster sized, and that you have what I affectionately refer to as “stoner-legs.” This caused many esteem issues just after high school (but what wasn’ causing them?).

The great fun came at check out. I had 5 boxes of the house-brand allergy sinus stuff. Scott told me that meds are hard to get there, even over the counter stuff. Being allergic to nature, I resolved to take quite a supply with me. I don’t want to be caught miserable, especially when spring kicks in.

There is some ingredient in the meds that Target is obligated in some way to monitor the sale of. I don’t know if this is an internal mechanism, or part of the “War on Drugs.” It is goofy, though. I had to make to separate purchases. Their equipment won’t allow the sale of too much. It’s just fine to make back to back purchases though. Riiight. I was trying to buy 5 boxes, which contain 6 days of pills each, if taken all the time. 3 boxes is the limit.

At least they didn’t finger print me, or take blood so I can get a clear nose.

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