Simple Joys

Life anywhere is loaded with tiny little things that brighten your day. The little moments of pleasure of circumstance that ease things along. I am going to share a few of mine with you…

In the OSCE washroom, they have changed soaps. This one smells just like the faint cologne of an old school barbershop. It’s great.

Looking at a sign, and being startled that I understand a word.

Getting the right amount of instant coffee and water and milk for a tasty cup. I should really keep measurements, and create a taste index.

A recent one is the rush from squeezing something out of a PC application that isn’t any more obvious than “We oughtta be able to.”

Walking past a copier and realizing no one has asked me to un-jam it, or for assistance in making 2 sided copies. –Not in the entire time I have been here.

When I am talking with someone here, usually newer, and realizing I DO have a handle on things.

When I order something in local language and the waiter doesn’t turn to someone else at my table for clarification.

When Anja forgets herself and starts to sing a little or dance in her chair.

Email from people. I love getting mail, snail or e. Ask Dana.

There are no doubt more. I am actually really pleased with the soap, but thought I really, really ought to put it in another context. ;-)

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