Thai Food

Yesterday was good.

Renee invited me over for Thai food. It was us, plus 2 other people from work.

Renee picked me up around 2 before she went shopping for the final things she needed. BiH makes it hard to find some items, like coconut milk. Fittingly, she was there one month ago as part of my pick up crew at Zagreb. She came along to secure coconut milk. That same milk would be used for dinner. Renee collected her ingredients from a variety of countries with a marked determination to eat what she wants.

As an aside, Renee spent a year in Thailand. One of the consequences is her ability to make excellent Thai food, which is grand by me.

I took the part as an assistant cook. I sliced, primarily. Baby corns, 3 meats, onions, cucumbers, and probably other things slid past me. It was quite nice to find myself cooking. I don’t for a bit, and the joy of it can fade from my head. I am currently pestering her to get the recipes.

The day was also nice for me because Renee is from the States. It provided a nice respite that I didn’t have to worry about social mores and all this, and had a common arena where I could share my experiences.

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