Valentine’s Day.

Well, well, well. This is certainly a plus. It is not recognized as much of a holiday here. To clarify, I don’t say it is a plus because I loathe the romantic (another discussion on that someday) but rather because it is a depressingly “Hallmark Holiday.” Red and white slathered everywhere. Hearts, Cupids, and doves flitting about. Obnoxious really. And, I see it as the “Proper Gender Roles and Expectations Holiday.” Are you a proper man? Woman? You can find out by examining the questions people ask you about this Holiday.

But, thankfully, I saw no red and white. From what Anja tells me, there is more of an inclination to celebrate March 8. That is international women’s day. Even then, not so much is done. Not by men anyway.

The UN website has a brief deal on it: Women’s Day. Is there anyone else concerned that the timeline covers a mere 8 years, almost 100 years ago? This link: Another Link looks a little more promising. I could not (quickly) find a relevant link for BiH. You get one, be sure to post it in the comments!

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