What am I going to be doing?

This is a reply I got when asking about what my job will be like:

Regarding what you are going to be doing, I’m going to have you do some stuff with databases at first and then in the meantime you’ll have time to latch onto an idea and then we can develop it into a specific project for you to work on. If you have some ideas already, put them on paper and send them along to me and we can start working on them. In the meantime since you said that are interested in civil society, I think that you should start doing some research on things regarding civil society development. Look at DIFID, USAID, UNDP, NDI, IFES and anything else you can find. Also try to see what has already been done in Bosnia or in any other post-communist or post-conflict country in this area. Think of it as a literature review that you would normally conduct for a paper. Identify some strands and start thinking what you would like to find out more about here in Bosnia. If we develop it far enough we could even propose it as a project for implementation. Other than that you’ll be supporting me and I’ll try to give you/teach you things that you should know for jobs in this area including: writing reports, talking points, speeches, backgrounds, proposals, etc. Also, I’ll bring you to most of my meetings so you can get an idea of how these things go.

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